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An opportunity for retailers not to be missed!

Thinking of You Week is a great way for retailers to draw people into stores and drive deeper engagement with the greeting card category. By encouraging your customers to ‘send a card a day’ you’ll be helping to generate more meaningful connections across the country.

Seeing handwritten sentiments from someone we love and knowing they’ve taken the time to choose a card, sit down and write a special message gives us the ‘warm and fuzzies’. Cards are part of our culture and the recent challenging times have proven over and over again they keep people connected.

Retailers are the face of Thinking Of You Week!

On this page you will find lots of ideas on how you can get involved with this fabulous event. Get in touch for more information here.

Ideas and inspiration for Retailers

Create an inspiring display

Create a dedicated Thinking of You Week card display in your store. Use branding tools found here and select your best selling blank and everyday occasion cards around themes of friendship, thank you, get well, and thinking of you and make customers smile!

Include Thinking Of You Week branding

Use our lovely Thinking of You Week Toolkit and your most colourful cards to create a beautiful window display.

Brand your envelope

To help create an actual wave of happiness, we want the receiver of the card, to pay it forward and also send a card! For a gentle reminder, place a Thinking of You sticker at the back of your envelope. These can be printed  yourself using our toolkit (L7159 Avery sticker sheet or similar) or cut and paste.

Organise a community event

Invite your customers to bring their families to a card writing event in your store, or organise this virtually using Facebook or Instagram. If space is limited, collaborate with a local coffee shop instead.

Hold a card making competition

Everyone loves a competition, especially younger kids. Set a simple brief, and ask your customers to enter their designs, with the best ones being displayed in your shop window for Thinking of You Week.

Or get your local school involved, make a window display of the competition entries during the week, and print the winning designs as a prize.

Collaborate with related businesses

Collaborate with a local book store, library, community centre, gym, yoga, pilates studio or coffee shop on a card-writing event, to encourage the expression of mindfulness, kindness and gratitude throughout the community.

Encourage customers to write

Create a special card-writing corner, or set up a special table where customers can write their cards.


Use the poster in our toolkit to flag up your event in store.


Add banners to your circulars and newsletters

Do you send out periodic email newsletters to your customers? Maybe you can send something printed in the post or door drops? We’ve got just what you need in our toolkit to ensure you don’t miss a trick in promoting Thinking of You Week.

Don't forget your website or social media pages

Flag up Thinking of You Week on your website’s home page and Social Media Pages using our Toolkit materials.

Tell the Press

Tell your community of customers and friends what you’re planning. Send details to the local papers using the template in our Toolkit and let people know how to contact you to get involved.

Get social – Sharing is caring!

Get social – post and tweet like crazy in the lead up to and during the week!



Send us your ideas!

Have you done something for Thinking of You Week that has worked well? Let us know so we can spread the word on our website and Social Media.

And remember, we’ve got loads of resources in our Toolkit to help you get started.

Don't forget our Toolkit!

Our Thinking Of You Week Toolkit contains a beautiful new banner, flyer and event poster, new retailer and consumer handouts, as well as social media cover images and email sign offs.

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