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We’ve put together a page of resources to help you make the most of Thinking Of You Week. Here you will find a collection of ready-made flyers, email banners, sticker sheets and logos you can insert on your invoices or website, as well as a mini poster and press release that you can customise for your own needs. If you need anything you can’t find on this page, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.



Get creative and start planning your own event! Use the tools below to help promote your event.


Let’s get professional! If you have an event, little or big, the press will be interested. So use the press release template and send it to your local newspaper and radio station. Everybody loves a feel-good story!


Share your activities on your social media and use #sendacard #thinkingofyouweek #cardtokeep

Connect with us so we can share too!

Poster (A3)

Display this poster in your shop window, office, staff room or noticeboard to promote your event during Thinking of You Week.

Flyer (A5)

Display this flyer in your shop window, office, staff room or noticeboard to promote your event during Thinking of You Week. Include it in mailings to your customers and of course: send it with every card you send yourself!

Large Banner

Make a splash with a banner across your wall.

Email Sign Off

Tell everyone that your taking part in Thinking Of You Week with every email you send. 

Facebook Header

Use this image as your Facebook header.

Social Media

Use this image on your social media with the hashtags:


Sticker Sheet

To create an actual wave of happiness, we obviously want the receiver of the card, to also go out and send a card! To give them a little reminder, place a sticker at the back of your envelope. You can print these out yourself, using standard Avery sticker sheets (L7159 Avery sticker sheet or similar) or cut and paste.

Press Release Template

Create a local buzz! Amend this Microsoft Word document and send it out to all your local press and media contacts.

What to Say Prints (A4)

We created a few simple sheets for you to print and put in the classroom to help kids with what to say on a card. Sometimes they just get stuck, and these A4 sheets will help them on their way!



Spread the love by branding your marketing material with the official Thinking of You Week Logo!

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