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Thinking Of You Week in the Classroom

Thinking of You Week is a special week that harnesses the emotional power of greeting cards to create a wave of love, caring and happiness around the world. It’s an international event celebrating thinking of others, expressing our emotions and spreading positivity.

The fact that you have spent the time to make or choose a card, write it and send it makes people feel far more special and cared for than receiving instant texts, emails or Facebook messages.​​ Writing a card actively promotes empathy, helps with emotional communication and conveys the value of doing something special for others, as well as being a fun way to practice handwriting!

On this page we have some great ideas to use in the classroom.

Some watercolour cards created for Thinking of you Week by 11 year old Willowart10

Ideas and inspiration for Schools

What do I write?

Stuck for ideas on what to write inside the card?  We’ve created a few simple prompt sheets that educators can print here and place in the classroom, to help out kids suffering from writer’s block!

Dowload from our Toolkit.

Brand your envelope

To help create an actual wave of happiness, we want the receiver of the card, to pay it forward and also send a card! For a gentle reminder, place a Thinking of You sticker at the back of your envelope. These can be printed  yourself using our toolkit (L7159 Avery sticker sheet or similar) or cut and paste.

Cards for classmates

Each child writes their name on a piece of paper, these are all put in a ‘hat’ and each pupil makes a card and writes a positive message for the classmate whose name is drawn. Children then talk about how it feels to write and receive the positive messages in the cards.

Express gratitude

Make or write cards to thank ‘unsung heroes’ in the local community, eg lollipop ladies, teachers/carers, school aids, school/park gardeners, friendly shop keepers & neighbours, local police and firemen.

Team Up

Team up with a local nursing care home, children’s hospital ward, charity or even a school in another part of Australia or abroad.

Encourage the children to enjoy writing, and maybe designing, a card and also hopefully receiving one back!

Don't forget our Toolkit!

Our Thinking Of You Week Toolkit contains a beautiful new banner, flyer and event poster, new retailer and consumer handouts, as well as social media cover images and email sign offs.

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